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Federated Commodities Limited (FEDCO)Federated Commodities Limited (FEDCO)Federated Commodities Limited (FEDCO)
(+233) 0302 404 388 or 0302 440 263
Airport, Accra

Hajia Maria Adamu-Zibo

Hajia Maria Adamu-Zibo

Managing Director
  • info@fedco.com.gh
  • +233 (0) 302 404 388
  • ANT/AB/88 Park Avenue, Light Industrial Area, Achimota Ghana, West Africa

She joined FEDCO in October 2017 as the Managing Director.

Prior experience includes working at The Royal Bank Ltd from 2012 to 2017 at various senior positions exiting as SVP, Public Sector & Investor Relations.

She also held managerial positions at Cocoa Merchants (GH.) Ltd. from 2001 to 2012, exiting as the Deputy Managing Director.

Holds an MBA in Finance from GIMPA, an MSc. in Banking Practice and Management from the IFS University College (UK), which qualifies her as a Chartered Fellow.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Finance from HEC (Montreal, Canada), a diploma in Accounting.