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Village Savings & Loans Groups


To increase the capacity of impoverished house holds to manage their financial resources and withstand shocks to their livelihoods by providing access to Three Financial Services – Savings, Credit & Insurance

Project Profile

174 Beneficiary Communities
154 Groups established since 2019
No. Of Males – 1,861
No. Of Females – 1136 (38%)
2032 Members Being Processed For Cash and Inputs Credit In 2020


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Organic Cocoa

Fedco has four farmer cooperatives in the central region being trained and certified to produce organic cocoa.
The combined membership of the four cooperatives is about 800 farmers
Yield estimate is about 300mt
The production of fedco certified organic beans will begin in 2021

Available organic beans for 2020-21

We also have certified farmer groups ready to sell at least 250mt of organic cocoa for 2020-21.

FEDCO Cocoa Farmers Association

The Fedco cocoa farmers association aims at registering and managing 50,000 cocoa farmers across 7 regions by 2022.
A total of 13,000 farmers have been registered so far across 29 district

The Main Objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Provide training to farmers to improve their competence and increase their farm yield
  2. Provide access to quality input credits
  3. Provide reliable farm management services
  4. Improve the savings culture of members through the village savings & loan concept
  5. Facilitate access to funding at low cost
  6. Engage in sustainable cocoa production
  7. Provide access to alternative sources of livelihoods
  8. Provide access to welfare & social benefits